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Opening Comments

Welcome to the 2022 Opening Session! We want to welcome you to the conference, discuss some of the challenges that we've all faced this year and how we've been fortunate to work with the most amazing organizations on the planet!

ServTracker NextGen Overview

Update on the next generation of ServTracker and the roadmap for additional functionality and release.

How do I manage client menu choices and meal exceptions?

Managing client menu choices, allergies and food aversions. This session will provide you a working knowledge of how to most efficiently capture these exceptions and choices. This session will cover restricted diet functionality, menu choice and special meal requirements.

Senior Center Class Scheduling & Online Class Registration

Create custom class schedules for facility activities and room reservations. Learn different options that are available and how the class scheduler integrates with the touch screen application and the new online class registration portal.

Q&A Session – Bring your questions

Join your peers and bring questions about your home delivered meal program that you want to talk to other agencies about. Walk away with new ideas (and new colleagues).

Opening Session – Day 2

Update of the prior day activities, featured sessions for the upcoming day.

Meals on Wheels America and review of their Healthcare Initiatives

Across the MOW Network, there is a growing interest in business and service delivery opportunities that engage relationships with healthcare providers. Let's talk more about how Meals on Wheels America is forging the path for the network and many of our customers in this arena. We'll hear from Meals on Wheels America's Chief Health Officer […]

Employee Entry / Master Schedules

Scheduling employees and client hours can be challenging. See how to manage the first two pieces of employee home care schedules. We'll start out with how to properly enter your employees and then we'll talk about Master Employee Schedule Entry.

Learn More About the ASI Mobile Meals App

Discover the features and benefits of the mobile meals app for paperless home delivered meal delivery. Take your organization to the next level with this proven technology that will give you real time visibility of your drivers and their meal delivery with our integrated dashboard monitoring. In addition, take it to the next level with […]

Query Builder

There are many ways to take advantage of our built in query builder tool within the ServTracker reports module. Learn important tricks and methods to get the numbers you want. Hint…Criteria and Excel are important components.

EDI Claims Billing

During this workshop users can learn how to automate the process of billing Medicaid or Private Insurance (MCO) payors with the Electronic Data Interchange billing module in ServTracker.