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Feb. 22

ServTracker NextGen Overview

Update on the next generation of ServTracker and the roadmap for additional functionality and release.

ServTracker 101

An introduction to the ServTracker basics. Overview of core ServTracker modules. A few tips and tricks may be weaved into this session if you're lucky!

Employee Entry / Master Schedules

Scheduling employees and client hours can be challenging. See how to manage the first two pieces of employee home care schedules. We'll start out with how to properly enter your employees and then we'll talk about Master Employee Schedule Entry.

Managing Homecare Working Schedules / Mobile Technology

Creating and modifying your working schedules properly is the key to success in using the homecare scheduler. We'll cover how to send data from the ServTracker scheduler to the mobile app, how an employee interacts with the app on their device, and how managers can see employee service delivery through the mobile dashboard. Review the […]

Let’s Talk Reports!

This session will give you an overview of some of our most widely used reports in ServTracker AND give us an opportunity to talk to your colleagues about which reports they like most and how they are using them.

NextGen Tips and Tricks

Get familiar with navigation of our next generation version of ServTracker! Learn some shortcuts that can help you!

Find out how Meals on Wheels America is piloting Socialization Interventions

There is a new project that Meals on Wheels America and ASI are joining forces for in 2022. It is a project focused on impacting social isolation and involves multiple service providers and technologies that are being integrated with ServTracker. Find out more about this project and how you may be able to get involved […]